Volaris Baggage Weight

Volaris allows passengers to carry one personal item and one carry-on bag. The maximum weight for the carry-on bag is 22 pounds.

Volaris is a mexican ultra-low-cost airline founded in 2004, and it operates flights to more than 60 destinations in mexico and the united states. However, when it comes to traveling, passengers must keep in mind the airline’s baggage policy to avoid additional fees.

Volaris allows passengers to carry one personal item such as a purse, laptop, or small backpack and one carry-on bag. The carry-on bag must fit in the overhead bin and not exceed 22 pounds. Checked baggage is also subject to additional fees, and passengers can purchase baggage allowances when booking or at the airport. In this article, we will focus on volaris baggage weight policies and fees, so passengers can travel stress-free.

Volaris Baggage Weight

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Overview Of Volaris Baggage Policy

Volaris offers a baggage policy that is strictly enforced. The airline calculates the weight, size and dimension of the baggage to determine the amount of fees for checked and carry-on luggage. Special baggage, such as musical instruments, sports equipment and pets, are subject to additional fees.

It is important for passengers to carefully review volaris’s baggage policy to avoid any unexpected charges during their travels.

Volaris Carry-On Baggage Allowance

Volaris is known for their affordable prices, but it’s important to understand their carry-on baggage allowance before your next flight. Limitations and specifications regarding weight and size are important to note since volaris has strict policies. Carry-on luggage cannot be larger than 22 x 16 x 10 inches and must weigh less than 22 pounds.

Volaris also has a personal item allowance, but it must fit under the seat in front of you. It’s important to note that certain items are not allowed in your carry-on baggage such as aerosols, liquids, and sharp objects. Make sure to check volaris’ website before packing for your next flight to avoid additional fees or frustrations at the airport.

Checked Baggage Allowance

Volaris baggage weight is a significant issue for any airline passenger. Checked baggage allowance is limited at volaris, with specific specifications given for each check-in bag. To calculate the weight of your checked baggage, it is necessary to weigh all of your items together.

You should know that the maximum weight allowed for checked baggage at volaris is 55 pounds or 25 kilograms. If your baggage weight exceeds the limit, you will have to pay a fare difference. So, before heading to the airport, always check the limitations and specifications for checked baggage with volaris, so your journey is hassle-free.

Purchasing Additional Baggage Allowance

Purchasing additional baggage allowance is a simple process with volaris. You can do it online, at the airport, or through the volaris call center. The cost for additional baggage allowance varies depending on the route and the time of purchase, so it’s always best to check before making a purchase.

Don’t worry if you need to modify your baggage allowance after purchasing your ticket. You can easily do this online or through the call center. Just make sure to do it at least 4 hours before your flight to avoid any issues.

With volaris’ simple and flexible check-in process, you won’t have to worry about baggage weight limits. Enjoy your trip without any added stress!

Volaris Special Baggage Requirements

Volaris special baggage requirements must be checked before you plan your trip. Baggage that requires special handling can include fragile or bulky items. To notify volaris about special baggage, you need to call the airline’s customer service center. Additionally, you need to know the fees for special baggage and how to pay them.

Volaris policies on sporting equipment and musical instruments also apply. You need to make sure that you follow their guidelines so you can avoid any last-minute surprise fees. Plan ahead to make sure that you have a smooth trip with no issues.

How To Avoid Excess Baggage Fees

Packing for a trip can be stressful, especially if you’re worried about excess baggage fees. To avoid these fees, there are several packing tips you can follow. First, pack only what you need and avoid overpacking. Consider wearing heavier items, such as jackets or boots, on the plane.

You can also try compressing clothing or using vacuum-sealed bags. Finally, don’t forget to weigh your luggage before heading to the airport and consider purchasing additional weight allowance in advance. By following these tips, you can avoid extra fees and enjoy your trip without any additional stress.

Volaris Baggage Service For Persons With Disabilities And Special Needs

Volaris is a budget airline, providing various services to passengers with disabilities and special needs. Their policies and guidelines are designed to offer smooth travel experiences for such individuals. For mobility and medical equipment, passengers are allowed to carry them onboard subject to volaris’ regulations.

Furthermore, they provide facilities like wheelchair services and oxygen supply for a stress-free journey. Assistance is also offered by their cabin crew and ground handling staff. So, if you are travelling with volaris and have special needs, you need not worry as they have got you covered.

Volaris Baggage Service For Infants And Children

Volaris offers different baggage policies for infants and children. Infants (0-2 years) can carry their diaper bag as fare free baggage that must be stowed under their seat. Volaris allows one stroller, car seat, or other child transport equipment as checked baggage per child.

However, this must be reported during booking or before departure, and an extra fee may apply depending on the route. For children (2-12 years), volaris applies the standard baggage allowance based on route and fare class. It is recommended to bring necessary items such as diapers, wipes, formula, and snacks on board.

If you need help carrying the items, volaris offers an optional cabin baggage allowance add-on. Remember to check volaris policies and restrictions to avoid extra charges or delays when traveling with infants and children.

Volaris Baggage Service For Pets

Flying with pets can be a bit challenging, but volaris makes it easy. Before flying, make sure your pet meets all health and documentation requirements. Policies and procedures vary depending on the size of your pet, so check ahead. Volaris allows you to bring pets as carry-on or checked baggage.

Fees and limitations also apply. For example, only one pet is allowed per passenger, so plan accordingly. If your pet is larger than the accepted carry-on size, you may need to book them as checked baggage. Whether you’re traveling with a furry friend or not, know that volaris has you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Volaris Baggage Weight

What Is The Baggage Weight Allowance For Volaris?

Volaris allows passengers to carry one personal item and one carry-on bag, both of which should not exceed 22 pounds in weight.

What Is The Maximum Weight For Checked Baggage On Volaris?

The maximum weight for checked baggage on volaris is 55 pounds.

Can I Carry Sports Equipment On Volaris Flights?

Yes, passengers can carry sports equipment on volaris flights, but it will count towards their checked baggage allowance and may incur additional fees.

What Happens If My Baggage Exceeds The Weight Limit On Volaris?

If a passenger’s baggage exceeds the weight limit on volaris, they will need to pay additional fees for overweight baggage.

Can I Purchase Extra Baggage Allowance On Volaris Flights?

Yes, passengers have the option to purchase extra baggage allowance on volaris flights, either online or at the airport.


As we come to the end of our journey exploring volaris baggage weight policy, it becomes clear that understanding the rules and regulations for checked and carry-on luggage is essential. Failing to comply with the set limits could result in additional fees that may dent your travel budget.

Therefore, always check the weight requirements before departing, and if your luggage exceeds the stipulated limits, consider purchasing additional space or reducing your load. Furthermore, if you are traveling in a group, ensure that everyone in the team is aware of the guidelines to avoid last-minute surprises.

By adhering to these baggage weight requirements, you can start your journey with peace of mind and focus on enjoying your travel experience with volaris. We hope that this guide has been informative and helps you have a stress-free journey.

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