Volaris Baggage Policy

Volaris baggage policy allows passengers to bring one carry-on bag and one personal item onboard for free, but checked baggage fees apply. The fees vary depending on the route and time of purchase.

Volaris airlines is a mexican low-cost airline that operates flights to various domestic and international destinations. As with any airline, passengers need to be aware of the baggage policy to avoid any additional fees or inconvenience. Volaris baggage policy allows passengers to bring one carry-on bag and one personal item onboard for free.

The carry-on bag cannot exceed 22 x 16 x 10 inches and must fit in the overhead bin. Additionally, passengers can purchase additional checked baggage up to 55 pounds at varying prices depending on the route and time of purchase. It is essential to check the baggage policy of volaris airlines before booking the flight to ensure a pleasant journey.

Volaris Baggage Policy

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Volaris Carry-On Baggage Policy

Volaris, a low-cost airline, has specific guidelines for carry-on baggage. According to the airline, each passenger is allowed one carry-on bag and a personal item. The size and weight restrictions for the carry-on bag are 22x16x10 inches and 22 pounds, respectively.

The personal item can be a purse, briefcase, or laptop bag with dimensions up to 13x17x6 inches. In special cases, passengers with particular needs may carry additional items, but they must inform the airline beforehand. The airline also mentions that, in case of limited cabin space, passengers may be asked to check their carry-on bag, free of charge.

Make sure to review volaris’s baggage policy before traveling to avoid any inconvenience.

Volaris Checked Baggage Policy

Volaris airlines has some guidelines for its checked baggage policy. To ensure the safe travel of all passengers, there are certain weight and size limits that must be adhered to. Generally, each bag should weigh no more than 55 pounds and be no larger than 62 inches.

If your bag exceeds these limits, there will be additional fees. Additionally, there are certain items that cannot be included in checked luggage, such as hazardous materials, weapons, and live animals. Be sure to review the full list of prohibited items before packing your bags.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure a smooth and safe travel experience with volaris.

Volaris Additional Baggage Policy: Fees And Charges

Volaris offers an additional baggage policy with fees and charges. Excess baggage incurs fees, while discounted rates are available for online or mobile booking. Baggage fees vary based on specific ticket classes or destinations. To avoid unexpected charges, passengers should review the airline’s baggage policy prior to departure.

Volaris Sports Equipment Policy: A Guide For Travelers

Volaris offers specific guidelines for sports equipment as both checked or carry-on baggage. The airline allows sports gear such as surfboards, bicycles, and golf clubs, but there are fees and restrictions that apply. Make sure to check the airline’s website for the full list of fees and allowances for each item.

Also, all sports equipment must be properly packaged to avoid any damage during the flight. Therefore, it’s important to follow the restrictions and packaging requirements that apply to each individual item. Don’t forget to check any additional guidelines for transporting sports equipment to avoid any issues during your trip.

Volaris Medical Equipment Policy: A Guide For Travelers

Volaris has a medical equipment policy for travelers. You must follow guidelines for traveling with medical equipment as checked or carry-on baggage. Volaris offers waivers for medical equipment, but fees may apply depending on the equipment. Make sure to pack and document your medical equipment properly.

Volaris recommends notifying the airline before traveling with medical equipment. Failure to follow guidelines may result in denied boarding. It is important to understand volaris’ medical equipment policy before traveling to avoid any issues.

Volaris Baggage Policy For Unaccompanied Minors

Volaris offers a comprehensive baggage policy for unaccompanied minors. Guidelines and fees associated with traveling with baggage as an unaccompanied minor are available on the airline’s website. Special assistance is available for minors with special needs, so be sure to notify the airline at the time of booking.

When preparing for an unaccompanied minor’s travel, make sure to carefully review all information provided by the airline to ensure a stress-free trip. As always, volaris strives to provide an exceptional travel experience for all passengers, and this also applies to unaccompanied minors.

Volaris Pet Policy: How To Travel With Your Pets

Volaris pet policy: how to travel with your pets if you’re planning on traveling with your pet via volaris, there are a few things you should know. First, make sure to check volaris’ baggage policy to understand the guidelines and fees for traveling with pets.

Depending on the size of your pet, there are restrictions on if they can fly in the cabin or in the cargo hold. Additionally, you will need to provide proper documentation for your pet, including vaccination certificates and a health certificate issued within ten days of travel.

When preparing for pet travel with volaris, make sure to purchase a pet carrier that meets the airline’s specific requirements and make arrangements with the airline in advance to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience. Remember to plan accordingly and arrive at the airport early to make time for check-in and any necessary procedures.

Volaris Lost Or Damaged Baggage: What To Do

When it comes to reporting lost or damaged baggage with volaris, there are guidelines to follow. First, report the issue immediately to a volaris representative. If your baggage is lost, you may be entitled to compensation. Delayed baggage may qualify for reimbursement of expenses incurred.

Additionally, make sure to keep all receipts related to the baggage loss or damage. In addition, document any conversation or correspondence with volaris regarding the issue. Following these guidelines can help ensure a smoother experience in the unfortunate event of lost or damaged baggage with volaris.

Frequently Asked Questions On Volaris Baggage Policy

What Is Volaris Baggage Policy For Carry-On Items?

Each passenger is allowed one carry-on item with maximum size of 22x16x10 inches.

What Is The Weight Limit For Checked-In Baggage On Volaris?

The weight limit for checked-in baggage on volaris depends on the fare class.

Does Volaris Allow Passengers To Bring Pets Onboard?

Yes, volaris allows passengers to bring small pets onboard for an additional fee.

What Items Are Prohibited In Volaris Checked Baggage?

Prohibited items in volaris checked baggage include firearms, explosives, and hazardous materials.

Can Passengers Purchase Additional Baggage Allowance On Volaris?

Yes, additional baggage allowance can be purchased on volaris website or at the airport check-in counter.


Understanding volaris’s baggage policy is essential when traveling on this airline. As a low-cost carrier, they have strict guidelines on weight and size, and failure to comply can result in additional fees. However, if you plan ahead and make sure you follow the rules, you can enjoy a stress-free flight without any baggage issues.

Remember to weigh your bags before you leave home, use volaris’s online check-in service, and be aware of the permitted items in your hand luggage. Additionally, if you need to travel with extra baggage, pre-purchase it online to save you money at the airport.

By following these simple steps, you can avoid unnecessary stress and enjoy your flight with volaris. Don’t let baggage rules be a hassle when traveling, just plan and prepare, and you can ensure a smooth journey.

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